...as seen on Google™ image search... (simianiam) wrote,
...as seen on Google™ image search...

A brief history of time...

So...a while ago I used to partake in this:

The last night I smoked was my birthday, wherein I had a holler of a good time, thank you for y'all that came out to play...

In between then and now, the little one got into the fireplace and apparently took a nap. This has very little to do with my story other than it's a cute photo of a very dirty kitty.

So I says to myself, "Self? It's time to quit smoking once and for all, have a monkey tattoo as a reward for quitting!"

This little girl is the daughter of one of the artists at the shop...she also serves as non-sequiter cuteness...

Once I heal a bit, I'll post a pic of the final piece.

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