...as seen on Google™ image search... (simianiam) wrote,
...as seen on Google™ image search...

I'm trying to be better, Maggie...

This post is for desiringmachine, whose nudging and prodding have inspired me, at least for this evening, to post photos from ye old shindiggery tonight.

Fun with rear-sync flash...

Same here...but this time it looks like n8_zilla done got punched in the mouth!

Blurry cuteness.

Feel my Rock of Ages!

As big as I can print it. Anywhere. Everywhere.

In focus cuteness.

Mad-eye Sanchez returns!

Note the matching kerchief and bracelet.

He's up to something, I just can't tell what.

Too much Rock for just one hand.

Thanks to everyone who came by! Until next time...


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